Complex/High Asset Divorce

Division of marital assets can often be a complex and highly contested aspect of a divorce proceeding.  If you are considering a divorce and you and your partner acquired substantial assets during your marriage – including property, stock portfolios, investment accounts, IRAs, 401(k)s, pensions, and other high-value assets – it is imperative to hire a high-asset divorce attorney with skills, experience, and the attention to detail necessary to navigate the complex issues relating to asset distribution.

A high-asset divorce attorney has experience in these areas and will help you enlist a team of consultants and independent investigators that can help identify and assess marital assets, to ensure a fair settlement is reached or to fight for your rights.  

It’s important for your future and financial stability to have an attorney examine assets acquired during the marriage to ensure a fair and equitable distribution.  You also need an advocate who is knowledgeable about how a divorce might affect your future financial security. 

Alexis Bishop Stern is prepared to analyze your complex financial issues, and fight to protect your interests now and in the future.