Modification of Existing Orders

Life is complicated and circumstances often change after you’ve finalized your divorce or child custody suit. Maybe you get a new job, need to relocate or your former spouse is getting remarried or is unable to care for your child. Sometimes there are changes in the family or with the children that require a change of parenting schedule. If changes are substantial, you have a right to ask the court for a modification of existing orders.

A modification of existing orders may include changes in:

It may be tempting to come to an oral agreement about modifying orders, however there is no legal protection for you if a former partner or co-parent violates this agreement.

It’s important to engage an experienced family law attorney to help you navigate the court system. Filing for a modification of existing orders can be a difficult process. Alexis Bishop Stern understands the rules and procedures required under state law to modify orders and can help you get the resolution you deserve.