Challenges can arise after a divorce or custody determination that require assistance from a family law attorney. If one party fails to obey the final judgment or decree, enforcement or contempt actions are a potential remedy.

Enforcement or contempt actions may be appropriate when a former spouse or co-parent violates the following arrangements:

What Is Contempt?
Contempt of court is a declaration by a judge that you have disobeyed a court order. In the context of family law, courts can issue sanctions against parties who fail to live up to court-ordered mandates. 

What Is Enforcement?
An enforcement action requests the court’s assistance making an ex-spouse or co-parent to comply with a divorce or custody agreement. For example, one parent may not be making child support payments on time or respecting the parenting time agreement. Enforcement orders are less concerned with punishing the offending party and are directed toward getting them to honor the terms of the agreement.

Finalizing a divorce or custody agreement can be complicated and exhausting. After all the work it takes to reach an agreement, it is disappointing and frustrating when an ex-spouse or co-parent fails to meet their obligations.

You may need to reach out to an Oregon divorce lawyer to investigate contempt or enforcement actions. Alexis Bishop Stern can help you navigate this complicated process with the highest level of service and integrity.